"Recovering from 3 cracked vertebrae, and almost a year of inactivity, I decided to join a gym to gain my strength back…"

I had my doubts about how much I could do, or what I should do, given my specific injury. A personal trainer was felt needed so I didn't do anything to re-injure myself. I am 71 years old and had not been to a gym for years. I wasn't sure I would be able to do anything about my health at this point.

Nathan was selected as he has some experience with back injuries so I felt reassured I would be doing only what Nathan deemed appropriate. He was very patient with me and after several months of nurturing I am able to exercise now without pain on my own. I don't think I would have been able to do this without his help. He is a very conscientious trainer that I would recommend to anyone

— Susan P.


"I highly recommend Nathan as he is passionate about his work and in tune with your needs and cares about your outcome!"

I had just started training with Nathan when I took a fall fracturing my upper arm in two places and chipping off bone fragments attached to the rotator cuff. Surgery included attaching a plate with 5 pins to the bone and reattaching the bone fragments. Doctor’s orders where no gym exercises for two months while the bone healed. Yikes, muscle loss! In two months I started physical therapy with some progress made there.

The real progress came when I started back to training with Nathan. Having had shoulder issues himself he was compassionate and more than capable of continuing my recovery process. His knowledge of the anatomy of the shoulder and exercises needed to strengthen and stretch the shoulder are tremendous. He gives exercises on machines as well as exercises to work on at home that are very easy to follow. All of this has helped me regain my range of motion.

— Patty M.


“Nathan Is deceptively low key. He has this mischievous twinkle in his eye…”

that belies the reality of subtle increases in intensity of the workout he’s putting one through. In fact, that twinkle results in frequent questions of whether he is kidding or telling the real facts.

There are many things I really appreciate about Nathan: his even temper; his good disposition; the fact that on the VERY RARE occasion I have offended him, he doesn’t hold a grudge l and how very, very hard he works on programming; how adaptable and creative he is when what he is asking me to do is painful or beyond my current skills. I also value his ability to tell me how what is asking of me has real life applications/ value.

Nathan’s assigning me to count steps, while initially met with my typical resistance, was nothing short of genius. And Nathan’s tracking my natural eating style and then fashioning his dietary recommendations to support me , living within my limited budget, and still lose weight was both remarkably skillful and notably successful.

I also really appreciate his belief in my strength and skill level and the consistent support and encouragement as I master different tasks he has given me.

Truly I feel blessed to have found Nathan as my personal trainer on this leg of my perpetual health and fitness journey. Because of our work together I believe I can and will achieve any fitness goals I set.

— Cammie H.