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What we Do

Balanced Body Fitness is a private personal training studio specializing in individualized programs and functional rehab. We realize every person has specific needs and must be addressed in a manner leading to long term results. Fitness is a journey not an end point. Our highly knowledgeable trainers have years of experience helping people reach their fitness goals and we look forward to helping many more!


What makes us stand out

Balanced Body Fitness is a private studio, not a gym. While the gym has a lot of value it can be intimidating, judgmental, and confusing. It’s hard enough to take the steps toward better health without being self conscious while you do it. Why not make it as easy as possible by learning in a friendly environment.

We do not sell memberships at Balanced Body Fitness. The studio is only available to clients and their trainers. We want you to feel comfortable coming in and knowing anyone you see there is working with a fitness professional. No judging eyes, no one giving you unsolicited advice, and no one hogging the machines you need to use.

We believe training is about taking you from where you are in the moment to where you want to be and helping you maintain that. We do that by giving each client a personalized weight training program, cardio recommendations, flexibility routine, and nutrition recommendations. All tailored to what you need at your current level of fitness.

Fitness can mean something different to everyone, there is no one ideal fitness goal we all must strive toward. Whether your goal is getting ready for a marathon, losing a little (or a lot) of weight, being beach ready for the summer, or your being prepared for an upcoming knee replacement we can help you along the way.

We fully believe in a specific approach to each individual. With the trainers help, each client will come up a goal list and then we build a plan to get you there.

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Available trainers


Nathan Hughes

I have always had fitness in my life somehow. I tell people I was consistently inconsistent in the gym for about 10 years. I wanted to be a personal trainer when I was 18 years old but I failed my exam, twice. I went on to do many other jobs all the while struggling with my weight and yo-yo dieting. Believe me when I say I know the struggle first hand. I ended back in personal training because it’s a passion. I want to help as many people as I can on their fitness journey.

I am happy to work with any client no matter the goals. I also specialize in corrective exercise used in injury prevention/recovery and mobility issues. I find helping people feel better very gratifying. I have worked with clients from ages 12-85 with all types of issues from knee replacements, strained rotator cuff, and crippling back pain. I will always be looking to expand my knowledge and would be happy to work with you!

Certified personal trainer, corrective exercise and fitness nutrition specialist, IASTM certified.

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How do i get started?

First step is to contact us for a free consultation. We will go over your goals and limitations, do a few assessments, then talk about how training can help you.

How long are training sessions?

Generally a training session is 1 hour long. We also have half hour and 90 minute sessions available on request.

What does a training session cost?

Sessions are sold one of two ways, a package of sessions ranging from $57.50-$65.00/session.


A monthly package of 1-4 sessions/ week ranging from $47.50-$55.00/session.

How long will a typical client train?

Depends on the goals of the client. Some people will learn what they need to in a month then apply it to there workouts without a trainer and be fine. Others may train for a year or more either to reach a large goal or to continue being guided through the journey.

Is there an expiration date?

All sessions bought in a package have a 1 year expiration from the date of purchase.

Do I need to train multiple times a week?

This will depend on the individual. We usually like to see you twice each week or more but we know how life gets in the way. We try to accommodate each schedule as best we can.

Any other questions?

Feel free to send us an email in the contact form and we will do our best to answer.

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